Woman of Valor

“A woman of valor, who shall find?/ She is more precious than pearls…/ Give her the fruits of her hand/ And let her be praised/ In the gates by her very own deeds” –Proverbs

Produced for nine years at the San Diego Repertory Theater as part of the annual Lipinsky San Diego Jewish Arts Festival, WOMAN OF VALOR celebrates the lives and inspiration of five of San Diego’s most incredible Jewish women.

Co-written by Ali Viterbi, Todd Salovey, Leah Salovey, Sarah Price-Keating, and Rebecca Myers

Production History:

Production – San Diego Repertory Theatre, annually from 2009-2022

Photo from 2016 Production at the San Diego Repertory Theatre


“Another brilliant program, and one which I’ve had the consummate pleasure of seeing three times, is the San Diego REP’s offering of “Women of Valor.” This amazing tribute to our local women is always such a powerful and beautiful testament to how many incredible women live and operate among us, and how ignorant we are of what they do behind the scenes.” – L’Chaim San Diego Magazine, 2015

“The filled house was rapt during each of the “stories.”  Accompanying photos brought the audience into the lives of these women and  allowed us to experience, first hand, their families, homes and cherished memories.  The tone of the evening was decidedly joyous and uplifting…These “Women of Valor” were beautifully, dynamically, and authentically portrayed .” – Eva Trieger, San Diego Jewish World, 2012

“It is programs like Women of Valor, created by local talent… original plays, In Every Generation by Ali Viterbi… that give the festival its unique San Diego flavor and display the wealth of creative talent we have within our own community.” – Eileen Wingard, San Diego Jewish World, 2018