T V / F I L M

Television Scripts

Untitled (half-hour)

By day, Leah and Asher Cohen are an Ultra-Orthodox couple, pillars of their community. But by night, they pursue their romantic and sexual desires as an ethically (and sometimes not-so-ethically) non-monogamous couple. But how long can they keep this secret? And how far can you bend a marriage before it breaks?

  • In development with Anonymous Content

Bright College Years (one-hour)

In 2000, Sam, Raven, Mia, Gabriel, and Josiah – five members of the elite Yale secret society CEREBRUS – were just a bunch of pretentious, drunk nerds, gallivanting their way through college. Twenty years later, they essentially run the world. Though once best friends, they are now estranged. UNTIL all of their dirtiest, most salacious, even criminal secrets from their time in Cerebrus threaten to get out, forcing them to reunite as the lives they’ve so carefully crafted for themselves crumble around them.

  • Developed with AMC

44 Steps (one-hour)

“44 Steps” is a one-hour legal drama about the personal and professional challenges that face five Supreme Court Justices’ clerks. When conservative Justice Seranno unexpectedly dies from a heart attack, the nation pauses to mourn. The Supreme Court Justice’s clerks, however, have no time to pause. Esther, Zac, Issi, Charlotte, and Jayden- the nation’s most ambitious and promising young legal minds- must scramble to influence a currently tied vote while fighting to keep their jobs in the wake of the Justice’s vacancy.

  • Semi-finalist, Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab, 2018
  • Quarterfinalist, CineStory TV Fellowship, 2018


-“Never Have I Ever”, How to Get Away with Murder

-“Next Year in Jerusalem”, Transparent


JOSHUA (screenplay)

Anya’s boyfriend was Caleb’s best friend. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of his death, Anya and Caleb ditch school to go to the desert. And maybe fall in love. And maybe conjure a ghost. JOSHUA looks at that moment in time where life moves us from a place of youth and innocence into the place that will shape our adult selves. As we look back, how do we reconcile the missed opportunities, the things we didn’t say, the paths we didn’t take? And will they even matter to our older selves?