The Owl and Cat Theatre’s Production of Deadheads

Deadheads, Owl and Cat 5June- July 2016

Samsara’s Blog- What Did She Think?: “Viterbi picks up on a lot of fun slang and interesting cultural connections, including the predominance of an American Jewish following, but the real heart of the play is the relationship and dynamics between Ethan and Sadie…The sign of good writing, though, is that we understand what is happening in spite of the direction…Deadheads is a really lovely, intimate night of theatre. Viterbi tells an important story: Sometimes abuse does not leave bruises, and not everyone grows up.”

Blurb Magazine, Alex First: “I really started to invest in the characters, to care about what happened to them…Viterbi has given us an enjoyable… journey of discovery and reminiscence that started out with such hope. Before it is over you cotton on to the fact that love will only get you so far and then reality will intervene – even if the connection between this duo will never be broken. We mighty want a happily ever after, fulfilling all that promise ending, but that would be akin to recognising the tooth fairy and Father Christmas actually exist.”

The Urban List- 5 Awesome Things to Do in Melbourne This Week: “Deadheads will hit you right in the feels.”

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