In Every Generation

IN EVERY GENERATION is a mystical journey through continents, languages and generations of a family and nation’s stories. An Italian Jewish family joins together for Passover Seders year after year, era to era. Over matzah ball soup and (vegan) brisket, sibling rivalries simmer, plagues fall, and miracles are both remembered and forgotten. IN EVERY GENERATION asks what happens to a people once they are no longer in danger? How does a community collectively adjust to freedom?

Production History:

  • Staged Reading – North Coast Repertory Theatre (San Diego, CA), 2018
  • Staged Reading – Last Frontier Theatre Conference (Alaska), 2018
  • Residency – Wildacres Residency Recipient (North Carolina), 2017


“…The dialogue is tender and honest, and the fact that the readers learned so much Italian and Hebrew is most impressive!..This is quite an accomplishment for a writer so young.The show’s focus on miracles and inquiry makes for an interesting dichotomy. Luckily, as Jews, we’re allowed to question. I left the theater with several questions and few answers. However, I think that in order to seek resolution, I will have to look to our past, evaluate the present, and speculate about the future.  I think that’s what Ali Viterbi had in mind when she wrote this provocative script.” – Eva Trieger’s article in the San Diego Jewish World: “Viterbi’s IN EVERY GENERATION debates Jewish Questions”

The rest of the glowing review can be found here!