Period Sisters – Workshop

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Period Sisters

August 6, 2017 @ 3pm

Education Center | RoundHouse Theatre | Silver Spring, MD

A new play by Ali Viterbi

Directed by Gabrielle Hoyt; Produced by Emma Hills

PERIOD SISTERS (formerly titled THE THAY BAY PLAY) will receive its first workshop in August. Starring ten incredible DC-based actors, this is the first time PERIOD SISTERS will be performed with choreography, original music, and direction. 

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” But to the sorority sisters of Theta Beta, the word “help” can mean a great many things. Eager freshman Joni learns this truth the hard way when her lifelong dream of acceptance into Theta Beta becomes a reality. Plunged into a world of Dirty Disney mixers, pancake bake-offs, reality TV shows that become restoration comedies, and bulimia dream ballets, Joni struggles to transform into the perfect Theta Beta sister–at great personal cost. Yet even while critiquing the highly traditional and inimitably American rituals of sorority life, Period Sisters embraces the redemptive power of female friendships. At its core sits Joni’s burgeoning friendship with Kate, her cynical and struggling sorority ‘Big Sister’, who has long since given up on fitting in. Supported by an all-female “Greek Chorus”, Joni and Kate strive to please those around them while retaining personal autonomy; an all-too-familiar task for American women today. When an allegation of sexual assault shatters the sorority’s status quo, Kate and Joni must both decide who they are, what they want, and whether their blood really does run aquamarine-and-ivory. A stylized, surreal, and theatrical work, Period Sisters mixes pop culture with pageantry, superficial with sacred, to create a searing portrait of life as a young, 21st century woman.