Television Scripts

44 Steps (Pilot)

Synopsis: “44 Steps” is a one-hour legal drama about the personal and professional challenges that face five Supreme Court Justices’ clerks. When conservative Justice Seranno unexpectedly dies from a heart attack, the nation pauses to mourn. The Supreme Court Justice’s clerks, however, have no time to pause. Esther, Zac, Issi, Charlotte, and Jayden- the nation’s most ambitious and promising young legal minds- must scramble to influence a currently tied vote while fighting to keep their jobs in the wake of the Justice’s vacancy. 

Throuple (Pilot)

Synopsis: It’s Jade and Aaron’s ten-year wedding anniversary. Though love is definitely still in the air, kind of, they can’t seem to shake the filling that something (or perhaps someone) is missing. So they embark on the ultimate quest to form a throuple, a 3-person couple.



-“Never Have I Ever”, How to Get Away with Murder

-“Next Year in Jerusalem”, Transparent